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Today, the importance of the SEO Audit is no longer to be proven. Indeed, it plays a very big role in search engine optimization. So, if you are an SEO provider, you should know that this responsibility necessarily falls on you.

However, if you want to carry out this responsibility assigned to you, you must rely on a quality analysis tool. With such a tool, you can easily identify the problems that your partners' sites are facing. Then, it will allow you to offer them the best solutions.

But in this case, the real question you should ask yourself is this: what is the best analysis tool to adopt to achieve this end? In the rest of this article, we will present you not only with the right tool but also the importance of the SEO Audit. For this reason, we invite you to pay special attention to everything that will be said in this guide.

Importance Of Search Engine Optimization

The first step towards a good positioning on Google is to perform an SEO audit. Indeed, it allows you to analyze the situation of the site in the different dimensions of the search engine optimization process. Today, it is common to see very well-structured sites, with the highest quality design and excellent content; simply not being able to mark their pages in the first positions of Google.

It seems inconsistent, doesn't it? But in reality, this fact is much more common than you think. So, the solution to find out what is going on is only possible with a powerful SEO analysis tool.

Another very common situation, where an SEO analysis is needed, is when suddenly, or gradually, the site starts to lose positions on the Google answer pages. You can easily identify the factors that are holding back the ranking of such a site if you opt for the best analysis tool.
As you know, Google's algorithm is dynamic and the SEO rules change all the time. Thus, the optimization of websites for search engines must be always up to date to stay in the top positions. Since search marketing is one of the main channels to generate traffic to a website, it is unthinkable to be outside the top positions.

The organic traffic is the one that comes from clicks on the Google response pages. Indeed, this type of traffic is called qualified, because it has a very high conversion rate. Despite this, the realization of an SEO audit is fundamental for success in terms of exposure to search engines.

Now let's discover, the best SEO Audit tool you need to manage your partners' websites efficiently.  

Discover The Best SEO Analysis Tool For You

In today's market, you will discover a collection of outdated analysis tools. But do these tools have the ability to perform the complete audit of your partners' site in record time? This should be your concern if you are looking for an adequate tool for your analysis. 

After several analyses and considering the inability of old tools to perform several tasks, Semalt experts have designed a tool called SEO Dedicated Dashboard. In addition, these experts have equipped the tool with a range of very powerful functions. Thanks to these functions, you can perform a multitude of tasks on a site in a fast way and a short time.

With the technical SEO audit feature of the SEO Dedicated Dashboard, you can conduct a complete analysis of the sites on click. Moreover, it allows you to determine not only the speed of the site, but also all other problems related to it. 

You can also know the uniqueness of your content thanks to this function. One of the greatest advantages of this tool is that it offers you the possibility of performing all these tasks simultaneously. Now, let's discover the other functions available on the SEO Dashboard.

The Report Center

The report center of the SEO dedicated dashboard, allows you to download all your clients' reports in different formats. Moreover, you have the option to download them in PDF or CSV format. 

Once you send these reports to your clients, they won't hesitate to testify to your competence, because a well-done report should be accompanied by proof. Then, with the dedicated SEO Dashboard, you can brand your reports with your logo at every client request.

The Google Search Show

The Google search broadcast is a feature of the tool, allowing to show, the evolution of a site and its positioning in Google searches. In addition, it provides the following information on competitors:

SEO Reports

Whether you are an SEO agency or an independent SEO manager, this feature of the tool offers you the advantage of being very innovative. Indeed, it allows you to design and communicate to your clients the reports of each analysis performed. In this way, you will gain the trust of your customers and subsequently increase the reputation of your company.

Other Things That The SEO Dedicated Dashboard Takes Into Account During The Website Audit

The data gathering and processing help you perfect the SEO strategy by the following means:
Now that you know the right tool for you, let's see what an SEO Audit of a website really consists of.

What Does An SEO Audit Consist Of?

In this case, you must remember that a professional SEO Audit must address the most diverse dimensions of the website optimization process for search engines.

In fact, SEO work should be considered a crucial factor. Because you need to address the various dimensions of the search engine optimization process so that you can really stand out on Google. In addition, an SEO competition analysis also helps a lot.

So, for your SEO projects, you need to do a careful analysis of each of these dimensions precisely so that the job is perfect. Nevertheless, it is essential to constantly monitor some aspects. Among them, we can highlight:
Let's take a much more detailed look at these aspects to get a better understanding.  

Structural SEO

In the structural SEO part, the analysis of the site made with the Semalt tool will reveal some factors such as: 

On-Page SEO

In the SEO audit focused on on-page SEO, the following criteria are uncovered:
Apart from all these criteria, the Dedicated SEO Dashboard also allows you to analyze other elements on the page.

SEO Off-Page

An SEO audit on what we call SEO Off-Page will analyze the quantity and quality of links from other sites and social networks that point to sites. 

In addition, toxic links that can harm your search ranking and other factors are analyzed through the tool.

SEO On Serp 

Finally, we have SEO On Serp, which, in a professional SEO audit, seeks to identify opportunities. It helps your pages to occupy privileged positions in searches. This is what we call the "zero position" of Google and the listings with Rich Snippets, which highlight sites among others.

Get A Free 14-days Trial With The SEO Dashboard

In addition to all the points covered in this guide, if you want to gain a working knowledge of the SEO Dedicated Dashboard, Semalt offers a free 14-days trial. In this 14-days trial period, you will have wide access to all the features of the tool.

This will allow you to test the performance of the tool. In addition, throughout the trial period, you will have the ability to track your customers' demand or all your prospects' data. Afterwards, Semalt will provide you with all the necessary elements during the trial period.


In conclusion, keep in mind that Semalt's SEO Dashboard is incomparable to any other SEO tool on the market. Moreover, it is a tool mainly focused on innovative character and it is also much more recommended by SEO experts. 

Indeed, it is very accessible and many users around the world attest to its usefulness and performance for their business. You should also check the statements of its users to get an idea of the tool. Thanks for reading and see you soon!